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The 15 Best Designer Pendant & Ceiling Lights For 2024



Our Guide To The 15 Best Designer Pendant & Ceiling Lights for 2024

When designing an interior space, it's essential to consider the role of lighting as the final touch that will bring everything together. Lighting not only serves the practical purpose of illuminating a space, but it also plays a crucial role in creating the desired ambiance and mood. It can be the element that makes or breaks the overall look and feel of a room.

Choosing the right lighting fixtures involves more than just selecting a beautiful piece that complements your decor. You must consider how the lighting will be used in the space and how it will interact with the other design elements. For example, you may want to install task lighting in your home office or kitchen, while softer, mood-setting lighting may be more appropriate for a bedroom or living room.

Additionally, the type of lighting you choose can affect the color and texture of the other design elements in the room. The color temperature and intensity of the light can enhance or detract from the colors of your furniture and wall paint. The angle and direction of the light can also impact the way the textures and patterns of fabrics and materials are perceived.

Therefore, when selecting lighting for your interior design, it's crucial to consider both functional and aesthetic factors. Think about the intended purpose of the space and how the lighting can help achieve that goal. Consider the color temperature, intensity, and direction of the light, as well as the design and style of the fixture itself. With careful consideration, you can ensure that your lighting choices complement your carefully chosen decor, and together, they create a harmonious and beautiful space.

For more inspiration, scroll down for MR & MRS DESIGNER's edit of the best pendant lights to buy.


MR & MRS DESIGNER's top picks to compliment any space -

  • Best overall pendant light: &Tradition Flowerpot Pendant
  • Best industrial design pendant light: MUUTO Ambit Pendant
  • Best pendant light for casual elegance: Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp Pendant
  • Best glass pendant light: MUUTO Fluid Pendant 
  • Best rattan pendant light: Ferm LIVING Braided Pendant
  • Best paper pendant light: AKARI 55A Pendant 


The 15 Best Designer Pendant & Ceiling Lights for 2023

Petite Friture Vertigo Pendant



The Vertigo pendant light is an icon of Petite Friture. Created by the designer Constance Guisset it aroused the enthusiasm of design professionals. Recognized very early by Rossana Orlandi, this large design chandelier has incorporated an anthology of prestigious permanent collections like the Moma, the CAP and the MAD. But the plebiscite also came from the public. In addition to the success met, Vertigo pendant lamp received the public award in 2006 at the villa Noailles. 

You can shop Petite Friture here



&Tradition Flowerpot Pendants



The Flowerpot by Verner Panton is one of the most iconic Danish designs from the 1960s. This modern yet classic design is now available in seven different models. &Tradition has collaborated closely with the Panton family to introduce five new and lively colors to their range for 2023: Cobalt Blue, Swim Blue, Vermilion Red, Tangy Pink, and Dark Plum. In addition to this thrilling color expansion, &tradition is also pleased to reintroduce a Panton original design inspired by the 70s - a black and white wave-pattern design.

You can shop &Tradition Flowerpots here


MUUTO Ambit Pendants


MUUTO Ambit Rail Pendant


The Ambit Pendant Lamp, designed by TAF Studio, embodies the essence of Scandinavian design - timeless yet contemporary. Crafted from hand-spun aluminum and painted by hand, this lamp boasts a minimalist design with clean lines and a white interior that accentuates the contrast of its outer shade. The lamp also illuminates any space brilliantly, making it a perfect addition to any room.

You can shop MUUTO pendants here






The fixture provides a comfortable, glare-free light based on the principle of Poul Henningsen’s reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downward. It emits a lateral light as well as illuminating itself, providing a soft radiance from within its core. The lower shade is fitted with a frosted-glass diffuser to ensure that the downwardly directed light is 100% glare-free.

You can shop MUUTO pendants here


MENU Levitate Pendants


 MENU Levitate Pendant - GreyMENU Levitate Pendant Ceiling Light Cluster


As its name suggests, the Levitate Pendant floats effortlessly on air. The generous aluminium shade with an elegant glass diffuser, classic in its expression, is available in two sizes and three colours and reflects warm, ambient light to perfectly illuminate a space. The accompanying brass knob makes for a perfect decoration. 

You can shop MENU pendants here


Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp Pendants


NORMANN COPENHAGEN Bell Lamp - SandNormann Copenhagen Bell Lamp - White


The expression of the Bell pendant lamp is robust, the form is simple. With its industrial, yet friendly look this directional lamp is ideal for both home decors and professional environments. Bell fits beautifully in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway and office environment. Hang a mix of sizes in a cluster, and achieve a dramatic visual effect, use a large Bell over the dinner table, or hang the small ones in pairs in the kitchen. The Bell lamp will adorn any room in the house.

You can shop Normann Copenhagen pendants here



GUBI Multi-Lite


GUBI Multi-LiteGUBI Multi_lite

The Multi-Lite Pendant embraces the golden era of Danish design with its characteristic shape of two opposing outside, mobile shades that enable creating a personal installation and a wide range of lighting values in a room. By individually rotating the shades, the Multi-Lite Pendant can be transformed into multiple combinations where the light can be directed upwards, downwards or exude an asymmetrical art light.

You can shop GUBI pendants here


MUUTO Fluid Pendants


MUUTO Fluid Pendants


The Fluid pendant luminaire was designed by the architecture and design office for the Danish company Muuto . The design of the lamp deliberately distances itself from strict geometric shapes and has a natural design language with soft, rounded lines. Like a drop of water just before impact Claesson Koivisto Rune were fascinated by the surface tension of water and the way it forms drops of water.

They incorporated this fascination into the design of the Fluid pendant lamp, which looks like a drop of water just before it hits the ground. The Fluid pendant luminaire from Muuto is completely closed. When in use, the entire luminaire body is illuminated and emits a soft light that radiates in all directions.

You can shop MUUTO pendants here


SLAMP Pendant Lights



Clizia is a series of shapes fit together to create a perfect balance of reflections and transparencies. The lamp has taken note of natural forms, resembling a cloud that captures the first changing rays of morning sun, or a treetop filtering a play of light and shadows. All of the available versions marry aesthetics with functionality, featuring a magnetic system, connecting them to the ceiling (for the suspensions and applique) or the metal base (for the table and floor lamps). Clizia transforms a space into a landscape without overwhelming it.

You can shop SLAMP pendants here


AKARI 55A Pendant Lamp



The Akari lights are handcrafted of bamboo ribbing and translucent washi paper that is made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree. Isamu Noguchi has compared the light of Akari to sunlight filtered through traditional shōji paper doors – the light sculptures create a warm glow and pleasant ambience. According to Noguchi, "All that you require to start a home are a room, a tatami, and Akari.”  

You can shop AKARI pendants here 

FOSCARINI Caboche Pendant


Foscarini Caboche PendantFoscararini

The Caboche lamps transform light into a sparkling composition of transparent spheres: a design gem resulting from an amalgam of technology and creativity.

You can shop FOSCARINI pendants here 



Fritz Hansen Concert Pendant



Pendant lamp with four shades.

Jörn Utzon, who designed the famous Sydney Opera House, is arguably one of the most important Danish architects of all time. At Concert he had the idea of harmoniously combining different shades and letting part of the light radiate upwards. The result is typical of Jörn Utzon and reminiscent of his greatest work, the Sydney Opera House. 

The Concert pendant luminaire, produced by Fritz Hansen , consists of four shades and a parabolic reflector attached to the suspension for the hand-blown opal triple-layer glass. This causes the uniform light emanating from between the shades is pleasant.  The two upward-facing shades and part of the power line are illuminated by Concert while the downward light is diffused by the reflector. The reflector not only softens the light, but also ensures that you are never dazzled, regardless of the height of the lamp. 


You can shop Fritz Hansen pendants here 


New Works Lantern Pendant



 The Lantern Pendant is an elegant combination of iconic form and material exploration. Inspired by the traditional Chinese rice paper lamp, the frosted glass replicates a soft illumination, whilst creating a bold and lasting form. The result is a range of pendants suitable for small intimate spaces, all the way up to large open environments.

You can shop New Works pendants here 

MUUTO Under The Bell Pendant



Designed in a material that uses up to 80% recycled PET fibers, the Under The Bell Pendant Lamp not only brings a tactile and modern expression to any space but also enhances the acoustics of a room through its soft shade, paired with its graphic lines and subtle color palette.

You can shop MUUTO pendants here 


MUUTO Dancing Pendant



Like a skirt in the wind - an idea that grows and finds its final form - correct and controlled. The Dancing Pendant Lamp is made of polyester felt. The lamp suggests an elegant dancer on the dance floor, mid-twirl.

You can shop MENU Dancing pendants here 



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